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This modules is developed to do form validation for you. It works on the server side by checking the posted form data and it generates client side script functions, to validate the form values, as far as possible, before they are send to the server, to avoid another server roundtrip.

Also it has the best support for Embperl, it should also work outside of Embperl e.g. with CGI.pm or mod_perl.

It can be extended by new validation rules for additional syntaxes (e.g. US zip codes, German Postleitzahlen, number plates, iso-3166 2-digit language or country codes, etc.)

Each module has the ability to rely it's answer on parameters like e.g. the browser, which caused the request for or submitted the form.

The module fully supports internationalisation. Any message can be provided in multiple languages and it makes use of Embperl's multilanguage support.

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