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Feedback and Bug Reportstop

Please let me know if you use or test this module. Bugs, questions, suggestions for things you would find useful, etc., are discussed on the Embperl mailing list. If you have a site that is using Embperl, I would love to mention it in list of sites using Embperl. Please drop me a mail with a short description, if your site uses Embperl.

The Embperl mailing list (embperl@perl.apache.org) is available for Embperl users and developers to share ideas, solve problems and discuss things related to Embperl To subscribe to this list, send mail to embperl-subscribe@perl.apache.org. To unsubscribe send email to embperl-unsubscribe@perl.apache.org .

There is an archive for the Embperl mailing list at https://mail-archives.apache.org/mod_mbox/perl-embperl

For mod_perl related questions you may search the mod_perl mailing list archive at https://mail-archives.apache.org/mod_mbox/perl-modperl

Commerical Supporttop

You can get free support on the embperl mailing list. If you need commercial support for Embperl, please send email to richter at embperl dot org.

You can reach us via https://www.actevy.io or richter at embperl dot org

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