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Features 1.3
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Main features of HTML::Embperl 1.3

Lets you embed Perl code into HTML documents. Perl code is evaluated at the server side and the result is sent to the browser.


Offers various meta-commands for conditional and loop processing of the HTML documents.


Automatically generates dynamic HTML tables/lists from Perl arrays or function calls (e.g. DBI fetch)


Form data send to your document is placed in a hash


Automatically inserts data from the form hash into HTML input, textarea and select tags


Understands HTML and URL escaping and unescaping


Handles per-user and per-module persistent session data for you. All you need to do is store and retrieve them to and from a special hash.


Allows you to build your web-site out of components. Frequently used elements can be defined once and included in every page.


EmbperlObject allows you to define the standard layout of your site just once and includes the neccessary components based on the uri. Your HTML documents just have to contain the unique stuff and not the common stuff like headers/footers or navigation bars. Also these common elements can be overwritten in each subdirectory.


Gives you the possibility to build libraries with a set of frequently used Elements or components, and make them available to the whole web-site in the same way as Perl modules are - well, modularized.


Supports debugging of pages by generating a very detailed log file and making it accessible via the browser with a single click.


Generates verbose error pages in which every error can link to the log file. This is ideal for debugging.


Offers a lot of options for maximum configurability according to your personal tastes and needs.


Fully integrated into Apache and mod_perl to acheive the best performance. Can also run as a CGI-script, offline or called from another Perl program.


The Perl module DBIx::Recordset offers high level, easy to handle database access for Embperl.


If you are concerned about security you can configure Embperl to use Safe.pm. This way, your documents can run in a safe namespace which can allow or disallow certain Perl opcodes.


HTML::Embperl::Mail gives you the possibility to send the result directly to a email address

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