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    Stable 2.4.0
    Beta 2.5.0_3
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2.0b5 (BETA) 27. Nov. 2001
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   - Add xsltparam parameter which takes a hashref and is used to
     pass parameters to the xslt processor. If not given defaults
     to %fdat.
   - Add require URI::URL to test.pl so make test work with newer LWP.
     Patch from Jonathan Stowe.
   - Fixed problem in registry/tied test, which failed for some Apache
     versions because of addtional http header. Patch from Jonathan Stowe.
   - Fixed problem with comments inside [! !] blocks. Reported by
     Alan Milligan.
   - Fixed compiling problem with very recent versions of libxslt.
     Reported by Michael Stevens and Jonathan Stowe.
   - Fixed make test so it skips session tests if Apache::SessionX isn't 
     installed. Reported by from Jonathan Stowe.
   - Fixed path problem with Execute ({sub => foo,... }) on win32.
   - Fixed a problem with duplicate subroutine names when running
     multiple pages in the same package.
   - Fixed problem with reloading when file changed, which sometimes
     didn't reload correctly in 2.0b4
   - Fixed memory leak which occured when using libxslt.
   - Fixed MakeMaker problem with Perl 5.7.1.
   - Removed some uninitialized value warnings.
   - Added "make start" and "make stop" to start and stop test httpd

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