There are thousands of people who have contributed to what mod_perl is today. This file is here to recognize the tremendous efforts of the major contributors to the mod_perl effort.

While Doug MacEachern is behind the majority of mod_perl's design, code and documentation, he and mod_perl never would have made it this far without the help from everyone in the mod_perl community. His heartfelt thanks goes out to all of you!

This list is generated from a set of text files, and the contributors are sorted alphabetically.

Module authors aren't listed here, because keeping track of them would be too much work. For information about module authors, please refer to the Apache/Perl Module list.


Allan Juul Site design.
Andreas Koenig Early efforts, bug spotting, modules, documentation
Andrew Ford mod_perl refcard, Apache::FakeRequest
Ask Bjørn Hansen Modules, documentation, mailing lists
Bill Moseley Site search, documentation.
Brian Behlendorf Sysadmin
Doug Bagley Bug spotting, modules.
Doug MacEachern Architect and lead developer
Edmund Mergl Modules
Eric Bartley Method handlers, API, AIX fixes and Apache::AuthCookie.
Eric Cholet Modules, debugging, documentation. Co-authoring Practical mod_perl
Frank Cringle Documentation
Frank Wiles Documentation and user help.
Fred Moyer Documentation and code patches, user help.
Ged W. Haywood Documentation and user help
Geoffrey Young modules, documentation, development.
Gerald Richter Embperl, mod_perl 2.0 build system abstraction.
Gisle Aas Original author of mod_perl. API enhancements/docs.
James G. Smith mod_perl digest, various modules.
Jeffrey Baker Previous maintainer of NT binary distribution. Apache::Session. Docs.
Jonathan M. Hollin Site help.
Ken Williams Modules, mailing list archives.
Lincoln Stein, Apache::Request. Co-authored the Eagle book.
Mark Imbriaco Original mailing list. First Apache:: module. Original Win95 build.
Mark Summerfield documentation review.
Matt Sergeant AxKit, documentation.
Patrick Kane Original mod_perl FAQ.
Per Einar Ellefsen Documentation, site help.
Perrin Harkins Documentation. Some code patches.
Peter Tillemans Win32 patches
Philip M. Gollucci Documentation, modules, mod_perl 2.0 API renaming
Philippe M. Chiasson mod_perl 2.0 contributions, mod_perl 1.0 maintainer, modules
Ralf S. Engelschall ePerl, improved mod_perl install process.
Randy Harmon documentation
Randy Kobes Win32 maintainer
Richard A. Wells documentation review
Rob Hartill Second to run mod_perl in production. Testing.
Salvador Ortiz Garcia bug fixing, API.
Stas Bekman Documentation, modules, mod_perl 2.0 contributions, book, articles
Steve Reppucci documentation review
Thomas Klausner Original site design. Documentation re-organization.
Torsten Foertsch Bug fixing, user help.
Vivek Khera Documentation. Apache::Sandwich
Wesley Darlington Documentation.


Name: Allan Juul
E-mail: lambretta (at)

Allan's work on the design of this website has been of great benefit to us all. Not only did he give it good looks, but has also tirelessly worked to make it compliant with HTML and CSS standards, while still getting it to work with all browsers we could find.

Name: Andreas Koenig
E-mail: andreas.koenig (at)

Lots of bug spotting, fixing and patching since the early days. Andreas introduced the Apache::Registry that we all know and love. He put a great deal of time and effort into overhaul efforts (aka CGI::XA & CGI::Switch).

Various contributions to the Apache/Perl API. PAUSE efforts beyond the call of "duty". Apache::Stage, Apache::GzipChain and Apache::UploadSrv modules on CPAN. Andreas was the first to run mod_perl on a production site, the Perl Authors Upload Server, aka PAUSE.

Andreas also contributed the "Correct HTTP headers" document.

Name: Andrew Ford
E-mail: A.Ford (at)

Andrew has made contributions to the Apache::FakeRequest module and is the author of the mod_perl refcard.

Picture of Ask Bjørn Hansen Name: Ask Bjørn Hansen
E-mail: ask (at)

Author of the Apache::DBILogger and Apache::UserTrack, mod_proxy_add_forward modules, mod_perl_method_handlers.pod along with plenty of help testing cvs snapshots, documentation improvements, Apache::StatINC hacking and assisting with the site. He is also the current maintainer of Apache::DBI.

Ask is also the maintainer of the mod_perl mailing lists, which is very helpful to the community.

Name: Bill Moseley
E-mail: moseley (at)

Bill has helped out a lot with this site. He is the creator of the search engine, and has written various sections of the documentation here as well as contributed his wisdom to the design.

Name: Brian Behlendorf
E-mail: brian (at)
Comments: Infrastructure, baby!
Occupation: CTO
Location: San Francisco, CA, USA
Organization: Collab.Net <>

Brian provides system administration support for along with the mailing list and cvs repository.

Name: Doug Bagley
E-mail: doug (at)

Doug Bagley has pinpointed some of the nastiest mod_perl bugs while claiming to know nothing about xs. He's also made improvements to the Apache::SIG module along with writing the valuable Apache::SizeLimit module.

Name: Doug MacEachern
E-mail: dougm (at)

Doug released mod_perl-0.50 in early 1996 and has been working on mod_perl in one form or another since. He is currently employed by Covalent Technologies who sponsored his work fulltime on the initial design and implementation of mod_perl-2.0. He is now working on other products at Covalent but continues to work on mod_perl in a support role at Covalent and development in his spare time.

Doug has written most of the code and a solid part of the documentation for mod_perl, and has also co-authored Writing Apache modules with Perl and C with Lincoln Stein.

Name: Edmund Mergl

Edmund wrote Apache::DBI; probably one of the most popular mod_perl modules.

Name: Eric Bartley
E-mail: bartley (at)

Eric had a big hand in implementing and testing method handlers. He also contributed to some of the Apache/Perl API, along with making sense of some AIX mysteries for us. And, his Apache::AuthCookie module is an inspiration to us all.

Picture of Eric Cholet Name: Eric Cholet
E-mail: cholet (at)

Author of Apache::EmbperlChain and Apache::RefererBlock. Involved with many heroic debugging sessions.

He has also written entire sections of the mod_perl User's guide, and pointed out technical errors in it.

Eric is also co-authoring Practical mod_perl with Stas Bekman, to be published soon by O'Reilly and Associates.

Name: Frank Cringle
E-mail: fdc (at)

Frank was the author of the mod_perl FAQ (now merged into the documentation).

Name: Frank Wiles
E-mail: frank (at)
Location: Lawrence, Kansas

Frank helps with documentation patches and helping users on the mailing list. He also maintains Apache::DB, Apache::DProf, Apache::SmallProf, and ModPerl::ParamBuilder.

Name: Fred Moyer
E-mail: fred (at)
Location: San Francisco, California

Fred helps with documentation and code patches, and helping users on the mailing list. He also maintains Apache::Dispatch and has helped with releases for Apache::Reload, Apache::Test, and mod_perl core.

Name: Ged W. Haywood
E-mail: ged (at)

For reviewing and fixing the whole guide, providing lots of constructive criticism and helping to reorganize the guide to make it more user friendly.

Ged has also devoted time to help out users having problems on the mailing list.

Picture of Geoffrey Young Name: Geoffrey Young
E-mail: geoff (at)

Geoff has co-authored the mod_perl Developer's Cookbook which seems to be getting good reviews. He has also written a few articles and the occasional Apache module.

Geoff works on mod_perl for Ticketmaster.

Picture of Gerald Richter Name: Gerald Richter
E-mail: richter (at)

Gerald has helped us with various bug spotting and fixing over the years. His Embperl toolkit, specially designed to run under mod_perl, has saved many lives.

He is now working on abstracting the mod_perl 2.0 build system.

Picture of Gisle Aas Name: Gisle Aas
E-mail: aas (at)

Gisle wrote an early "proof-of-concept" mod_perl.c and perl_glue.xs on March 25, 1996 to be exact. While next to none of that code is present in the current mod_perl source, as the embedded model and XS <-> Apache API interface were changed, it was an important inspirational kick start to what mod_perl has become today.

Gisle has also contributed to mod_perl's Apache::Constants module, along with API enhancements and documentation.

Name: James G. Smith
E-mail: jsmith (at)

James took over the maintainership of the mod_perl mailing list digest from Geoffrey Young, with whom it originated, and is now trying to send it off to the mailing list as often as he can.

He has also contributed a number of modules to the CPAN, such as Apache::Handlers, Module::Use, and Uttu, a web application framework.

Name: Jeffrey Baker
E-mail: jeff (at)

Previous maintainer of the mod_perl NT binary distribution and author of the Apache::Session module.

For his "guide to mod_perl database performance" and many useful comments on the list that has been reused in the guide's material.

Name: Jonathan M. Hollin
E-mail: netmaster (at)

Jonathan is using mod_perl to create Shapeshifter, a Content Management System. He has been helping out the mod_perl community through work on the website, especially for the logo contest.

Name: Ken Williams
E-mail: ken (at)

Author of the Apache::Taco, Apache::SSI and Apache::Filter modules. Ken's MathForum also hosts archives of some of the mod_perl mailing lists.

Ken has also reviewed a lot of stuff in the guide. Many snippets from his emails are included in the guide.

Picture of Lincoln Stein Name: Lincoln Stein
E-mail: lstein (at)

Everybody knows Lincoln gave us the must-have module; he's put forth considerable effort into porting and optimizing it for mod_perl. Lincoln also wrote the original Apache::Request module, a module on top of the Apache API.

As an addition to his great programming efforts, Lincoln has contributed his writing skills by co-authoring Writing Apache Modules with Perl and C, which has for a long time been the ultimate reference to mod_perl programming.

Name: Mark Imbriaco
E-mail: mark.imbriaco (at)

For setting up the original mod_perl mail list and administration of that list for two years. Mark was also the first person besides Doug to write an Apache::* module, the first version of Apache::ePerl. He was also the first person to build and run mod_perl under Windows 95!

Name: Mark Summerfield

For reviewing and fixing all the guide's chapters, improving guide's readability and suggesting useful extensions.

Name: Matt Sergeant
E-mail: matt (at)

Matt has written AxKit, the XML application server for mod_perl. He has also contributed the section "Exception Handling for mod_perl" for the perl reference chapter and made many other contributions to the documentation.

Name: Patrick Kane
E-mail: modus (at)

Patrick wrote the original mod_perl FAQ.

Name: Per Einar Ellefsen
E-mail: pereinar (at)
Location: Oslo, Norway

Per Einar has helped out with this website, for the most part through various documentation patches and additions, reviewing of documents, and maintaining some sections of the site.

He also tries to help out users having problems on the mailing list.

Name: Perrin Harkins
E-mail: perrin (at)
Location: Brooklyn, New York

Various documentation patches, Apache::SizeLimit patches, articles on templating modules and system architecture.

Name: Peter Tillemans
E-mail: pti (at)

Peter helped bring mod_perl up to Win32 speed with various patches including support for make test. He also maintained the Windows 95 binary distribution of mod_perl.

Picture of Philip M. Gollucci Name: Philip M. Gollucci
E-mail: pgollucci (at)

Philip has been using Apache and mod_perl since September of 1998. He has been actively contributing patches and testing things mainly on FreeBSD since January 2005. He also tries vainly to help people on the mailing lists.

In his non-existant free time, Philip maintains a few modules with Stas Bekman. You can view his CPAN directory here. He also maintains several ports of CPAN modules for FreeBSD.

In November 2005, he joined the TicketMaster team.

Picture of Philippe M. Chiasson Name: Philippe M. Chiasson
E-mail: gozer (at)

Philippe has started working on the mod_perl project in 1998, writing some Apache::* modules on CPAN and eventually started helping out with mod_perl 1.0 & 2.0 development.

In 2005, he joined the ranks of ActiveState's Perl Cult. He now spends a lot more time dealing with Perl itself instead of working on high-traffic websites for TicketMaster. Instead, he is now often busy building and debugging Perl things, including Perl, mod_perl and all of CPAN (yes, all of it, regularly) on a large variety of platforms.

Philippe is also the current maintainer of mod_perl 1.0.

Name: Ralf S. Engelschall
E-mail: rse (at)
Occupation: Cable & Wireless Deutschland GmbH
Location: Munich, Germany
Organization: Private

Ralf, aka "Dr. Cosmetics", has greatly improved the mod_perl configure/build/install process by implementing APACI, DSO and APXS support, along with various documentation enhancements. He has also written the Apache::ePerl module to enable mod_perl support for his ePerl embedded Perl solution.

Name: Randy Harmon

For rewriting the mod_perl advocacy chapter.

Picture of Randy Kobes Name: Randy Kobes
E-mail: randy (at)

Randy Kobes has helped with the port of mod_perl on Win32, and maintains binary and ppm packages of mod_perl and related modules for that platform.

Name: Richard A. Wells

For reviewing and correcting a large part of the guide.

Name: Rob Hartill
E-mail: robh (at)

Rob was the second to run mod_perl in a production enviroment, and perhaps the best known mod_perl site, the Internet Movie DataBase. He's also provided various bug fixes, enhancements and mail list support since the early days of mod_perl. Always one step ahead testing mod_perl against Apache cvs snapshots. It was Rob's kicking that made the mod_perl CVS tree come to be.

Name: Salvador Ortiz Garcia
E-mail: sortiz (at)

Salvador has helped bang out bugs and traps with sfio enabled mod_perls, along with various bug spotting and stopping since the early days. He has also contributed to the Apache/Perl API.

Picture of Stas Bekman Name: Stas Bekman
E-mail: stas (at)

Stas has started contributing to mod_perl in 1998 by creating the mini mod_perl guide, simply to reduce the rate of broken record questions on the mod_perl list. After a few years, some people still referred to the guide as mini, while it contained more than 600 pages at that time. As of today more than 200 users and developers helped Stas to write, review, improve and polish the guide.

While not working on the documentation and developing mod_perl, at the remaining spare time, Stas has written a few Apache modules available from his CPAN directory and did some work on mod_perl 1.0 series.

In autumn 2001 Ticket Master has kindly sponsored Stas for one year to help with mod_perl. Stas used this time to help with the development of mod_perl 2.0, to lead the creation of the new site, to advocate mod_perl via articles in popular online zines and conferences, to help with the mod_perl list and as usual to write a lot of documentation, mainly for mod_perl 2.0.

In autumn 2002 Ticket Master has extended the sponsorship for one more year, and the following year has done it again. As Doug MacEachern has shifted his focus on other things at the fall of 2002, Stas took the lead to continue the development of mod_perl 2.0, greatly assisted by Geoffrey Young, Philippe M. Chiasson and other developers.

In 2003 Stas had the luxury to be sponsored by Ticket Master for yet another 1.5 years (making it a total of 3.5 years), at the end of which Stas has started the phase out process, opening the opportunity for other developers to take over the lead of the project.

Stas has co-authored Practical mod_perl with Eric Cholet, published by O'Reilly and Associates in May 2003.

And of course, since 1998, when Stas discovered for himself mod_perl, he was finding ways to use it at work, even while doing x86 hardware development and verification at Intel. He is now thinking about mod_perl 3.0's architecture, hopefully to be implemented solely with AND and OR gates, driven by the Perl 6.0 chipset for the best performance. Don't be surprised when you get offered a shiny Bluetooth PCI card with embedded mod_perl when you shop for your new server machine.

Name: Steve Reppucci

Steve did a thorough review of the information in the 1.x user guide. He fixed lots of spelling and grammar errors, and made the guide readable to English speakers :)

Picture of Thomas Klausner Name: Thomas Klausner
E-mail: domm (at)

Thomas was the winner of the mod_perl site redesign contest, although things have changed a lot since then. He also did a big documentation reshuffling which made it a lot easier for everybody.

Picture of Torsten Foertsch Name: Torsten Foertsch
E-mail: torsten.foertsch (at)
Occupation: Freelance Programmer
Location: Weimar & Gaiberg (near Heidelberg), Germany

Torsten came to know mod_perl in 1998. For a few years he has used it simply as a tool. His first contribution came in just on the eve of mod_perl 2.0 in 2004. Since then he has fixed many bugs and continues to help users on the mailing list. He also wrote a few CPAN modules around mod_perl(2). Every once in a while Torsten publishs interesting solutions and work-arounds on his site.

Torsten works as a freelance programmer. In fact, he can be hired to provide professional mod_perl support. Although most of his clients are German companies he offers his knowledge worldwide. Torsten's experience in C-programming spans back to the year 1989, his Perl-experience to 1998. He works almost exclusively on Linux.

In his free time Torsten likes to solve Sudoku. He finds this passion involves very much the same skills as debugging programs.

Name: Vivek Khera
E-mail: vivek (at)

Vivek has saved many lives with his mod_perl_tuning.pod document, now merged into the documentation. He has also written the practical Apache::Sandwich module.

Name: Wesley Darlington

Contributed a big section of the scenario chapter.

This list was probably incomplete the moment it was created. We have done the best to our ability to make it as complete as possible. However, we aren't gods. So if you have contributed to mod_perl, but aren't listed here, or want to change your information, please contact Per Einar Ellefsen with as much information as you can.

For a list of contributors for which we don't have enough information, make sure to visit this page.