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Sites using Embperl
  • mobilen.no
  • teknofil.no
  • crazyguyonabike
  • Blog.sk
  • Singularity ltd. Slovakia
  • Fiver Computing Corporation
  • Lyrics Time { The great Lyrics provider }
  • Webcam, City of Kehl
  • Droit francophone
  • 50Plus Hotels Deutschland
  • Basic Corporate Site
  • Penguin Greetings
  • TCMS Content Managemen System
  • Apastron.net
  • German Unix User Group
  • WebGawd

  •  mobilen.notop

    Norwegian vertical cellphone portal build with WiP CMS Server which is again build with Embperl and Postgresql. [02/27/2007]



    Complete user electronics portal using WiP CMS Server which is a CMS build with Embperl and Postgresql. [02/27/2007]



    A place for bicycle tourists and their journals - also forums, reviews, classifieds and other resources related to bicycle touring. Implemented using Embperl and MySQL. [01/03/2007]



    Blogging system based on Embperl, FCKEdit and Postgresql. [04/19/2005]


     Singularity ltd. Slovakiatop

    This sites are using epl: www.domain.sk, www.blog.sk, www.svadba.sk, www.arza.sk, www.locker.sk [04/27/2004]


     Fiver Computing Corporationtop

    Complete website design using Embperl. We've used embperl for everything from e-commerce sites to streaming media. [04/21/2004]


     Lyrics Time { The great Lyrics provider }top

    All dynamic pages on this server are generated with Embperl. It creats a cache version of output which speed up things a lot. Creative content with huge song lyrics collection of numerous full albums, A revolutionary song lyrics search engine, Ability to Add/request/comment song lyrics, send song lyrics to friend. [01/23/2004]


     Webcam, City of Kehltop

    A webcam in Kehl/Germany is taking images of the new bridge over the river rhein, which is being build in 2003. The pictures are uploaded on a webserver in certain intervals, a cgi-script is managing a picture-archive. A selection of these images can be viewed through a html-page on www.kehl.de, which was build using Embperl.

    [FMS, www.fmsweb.de, vi2vi, www.vi2vi.com] [07/18/2003]


     Droit francophonetop

    Dynamic Law portal for the french speaking countries. People around the world can login and update the site using the management interface. [07/18/2003]


     50Plus Hotels Deutschlandtop

    The content for www.50plushotels.de is, with a few exeptions, produced with TCMS (see below). At the moment the database contains about 120 hotels, 250 special offers and 500 pictures. All html-templates needed for this project use embperl. [FMS, www.fmsweb.de, 09.06.2003] [06/10/2003]


     Basic Corporate Sitetop

    I use Embedded Perl, mod-perl and MySQL on my corporate site as well as for browser based database applications I write for my clients. This corporate site has a simple database driven menu system. I'm using a Perl handler to route requests to Perl modules and using Embperl::Execute to parse multiple templates to assemble each page. I have a shared template directory and site specific directories and a wrapper around Embperl::Execute determines which to use automatically. Embperl let's me be very object oriented and although I'm not using all it's features I chose it because of its powerful form processing capabilities - particularly the way it handles selects and inputs of type radio and checkbox. [06/10/2003]


     Penguin Greetingstop

    Penguin Greetings is a Perl CGI application to implement Internet greeting cards on Linux and other Unix-based systems. It includes a complete ecard Website with 20+ cards for users who want a "plug and play" ecards solution. It is intended to make ecards more like email by using multipart MIME email and including message text. The HTML for the cards and the creation screens are stored in templates so that users can completely customize the look of the program. Penguin Greetings incorporates Embperl so that full Perl expressions can be incorporated in to templates for server-side processing. Access to the card creation functions can be optionally restricted to users in an htpasswd file to avoid giving world wide access to your server. The emailing function and data storage are carried out by a separate daemon program which allows for cards to be mailed on specific dates and improves security and logging. Extensive documentation is provided as well an example Website that make full use of the Embperl scripting capabilities. [06/10/2003]


     TCMS Content Managemen Systemtop

    TCMS ist a tree based content management system, wich can cope with an unlimited numer of content objects. The following technologies are used: Embperl, Perl/CGI, PerlMagick, mysql, Apache/modperl. TCMS has an integrated project and user management and the user can shape content objects and structur for each project. - Management of multiple projects on different servers - Usermanagement - Per object accesscontroll - Customizable content objects - Customizable content structure

    TCMS is developed by FMS [www.fmsweb.de] [04/04/2003]



    This website is dedicated to Open Source and the free distribution of scripts and tutorials.

    Right now it is a small site, I have used the Embperl::Object's great templating system. Eventually I plan on storing new scripts and tutorials in a PostgreSQL database. My company has started developing new sites using EMBPerl with PostgreSQL and everyone has been happy with the results. Shorter development time and ease of use are both big benefits. [04/04/2003]


     German Unix User Grouptop

    The web page of the German Unix User Group (GUUG e.V.) is realized by using Embperl. Also XSLT stylesheets are used extensively from Embperl. [02/14/2003]



    The personal website for Darrell Nash. [02/13/2003]


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